Holly Morris


How we act on the challenges of higher education now will determine where America stands in the future. We must cultivate our individual and collective potential by navigating these shifts in our educational landscape with creativity, flexibility, humanity and vision. Embracing responsible, ethically-tuned innovation is key to shifting the position of higher ed institutions in a changing landscape. An educated citizenry/workforce is the best insurance for our future so we must commit ourselves to creating learner centered institutions that can serve individuals, employers, research needs and communities. This perspective comes from 10+ years of leadership development coaching and training and 5+ years of working in and around higher education institutions exploring the spectrum of higher education innovation. If your institution is ready to explore, visit me at Summit Strategies.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • iPASS: Lessons From the Field
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports
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    This report distills guidance from iPASS grantees on how to move forward with a transformative technology-based planning and advising project, with a specific focus on advising transformation, faculty engagement and predictive analytics.

  • Overlooking Change Management Comes at a Steep Cost for Institutions
    • Blog
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    Change management principles offer great support for innovators, but often aren’t considered until late in the game when issues have already arisen. Considering change management alongside the design thinking–supported innovation process gives innovations a much better chance at succeeding.

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