Humphrey Ndegwa


Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa is the CEO of Kenya-based leading petroleum supplier, Dalbit International. He has been in the business for more than 5 years, and has established a prime reputation as the region’s most able petroleum suppliers company in the energy sector. His background is in the importers and distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products in Kenya and he also largely involved in the fight for better agriculture solutions in the region. Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa has written for numerous business, sustainable energy and agricultural blogs. This informative blog aims to present realistic account on what is going on in today’s business markets, economic trends, sustainable energy solutions and innovative ways in agriculture, plus an array of news and current events. Humphrey enjoys blogging to share his beliefs and thoughts in business and in his other interests like the use of natural resources and methods in innovative systems for energy and development.