Jackie Milhans


I lead support for research computing at Northwestern University, including high-performance computing (HPC), data storage and management, data science, and service development. In addition, I also aid in writing grant proposals and facilitate research collaborations for computational research. My team organizes bootcamps, workshops, and tutorials on campus for programming and other required skills to conduct research, such as version control, LaTeX, shell scripting, etc., for faculty and students. My education and research background is in materials science and engineering. My research experience involves employing and developing multi-scale modeling, homogenization models for multi-phase materials, and using statistical representations of microstructures to predict overall mechanical and thermal properties of materials. I have also conducted research examining the frictional effects polycrystalline ductile metals to examine the resulting microstructure when exposed to extreme strain-rates using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations as large as ~240 million atoms.

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