Jacqueline Brown


During her professional career of more than two decades, Jacqueline Brown has served effectively at both Princeton University and the University of Washington while mentoring and helping to build a community of IT leaders across the United States and internationally. A strategic and clear thinker, she brings training as a scientist to her enthusiasm for the potential of information technologies. As director of Information Services at Princeton in the late 1980s and ’90s, she demonstrated her hallmark qualities: an ability to find creative solutions to nettlesome organizational problems, an eye for talented staff and commitment to mentoring them through the professional ranks, willingness to learn from and advise other institutions about better ways to evaluate and improve the level of user services throughout higher education.

At the University of Washington since 1999, Brown’s work has emphasized partnerships and collaboration, first (as director of technology outreach and partnerships) with public and corporate sectors in the region as well as nationally and internationally, then with building innovative teaching and learning partnerships facilitated by participation in advanced networks, and currently through the addition of biomedical and public health areas and international research opportunities to her earlier interests.

Over the years, Jacqueline has helped shape the collaborative processes for groups like Educom’s Educational Uses of Information Technology (EUIT), the Seminars on Academic Computing (SAC), CAUSE, and Educom. She was a major player in the early New Media Centers work and has contributed significantly to Syllabus, the Pacific Telecommunications Consortium, Asia-Pacific Advanced Networks, The Quilt coalition, and Internet2. Throughout her work, she has challenged colleagues to remember that investments in theory need to be borne out in practice, and to focus on the relevant as well as the interesting.

Ms. Brown holds holds degrees in astrophysics and library science.

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