Jacquelyn Cunningham


Jacquelyn Cunningham is a program manager with the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS) SAP Project, where she is charged with duties as lead for SCEIS Knowledge Management and for instructional technology, e.g. Blackboard, SharePoint and uPerform performance support system; and as an enterprise instructor in financial accounting, materials management, human resources, payroll, and statewide functions such as auditing. SCEIS is South Carolina's enterprise resource planning system, employing SAP ERP and Hewlett-Packard technologies to reengineer the business processes for 72 of South Carolina's state agencies, consisting of more than 35,000 workers. SCEIS is known as the most comprehensive and ambitious SAP public-sector implementation in the US, replacing more than 100 legacy systems in 5 years for financial accounting, materials management, human resources, payroll, and statewide functions. Jacquelyn served as the initial SCEIS Training Lead, developing the strategy, technology, people, and plans, and leading the delivery for the first 30 agencies. +Jacquelyn is an innovator and a subject-matter expert on people and technology systems in high-technology organizations. This includes the development of performance management processes, scripted expertise and simulated business processes, e-learning, knowledge management, project management, policies and program development, and reporting and metrics for continuous process improvements. +Jacquelyn has worked in the defense industry, science, research, corporate, higher education and K-12, government, multilingual/cultural, and non-profit environments. From these sectors and experiences she has gained a multidisciplinary demonstration of knowledge that is both international and diverse. + Jacquelyn has worked as a professional integrator: served on a number of Product Advisory Boards; chaired conferences, delivered presentations, and served on proceedings and paper review panels; served as a compliance officer, delivered Quality Assurance methodologies, and participated in program accreditation/reaffirmation efforts; developed and managed innovative programs, strategic plans, and managed service provider relations; collaborated with subject-matter experts, designed curricula, and led curricula development; advised policy-makers, decision-makers, and task forces; conducted technology research and development; taught traditional higher-education and adult workforce transitioning courses; and managed people, data, results, and budgets in high-tech organizations. + Jacquelyn has served as the college director of instructional technology in Arts & Sciences (formerly Liberal Arts) at the University of South Carolina (USC); an official representative to the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, an international consortium hosted at the University of Michigan; an academic program director at South Carolina State University, Educational Technology Services; and a product reviewer and/or advisor for IBM, Apple, Blackboard, Iomega, Rosetta Stone, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA MOSAIC and CEISIN), America Online, Allyn & Bacon-Viacom, RWD/ANCILE Technologies, Oracle Technology Network, Google, SC E-Learning Center, and several providers of logic, foreign languages, GIS, arts, mobile computing, and data systems. +Jacquelyn is currently completing doctoral studies in applied management and decision sciences at Walden University and has earned a Master of Science in technology management from the University of Maryland University College, a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from South Carolina State University, and certificates in financial accounting (University of Maryland University College), managing people and innovations in high-tech organizations (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), multimedia development and programming (Georgia Institute of Technology), and data management for the social sciences (University of Michigan). She is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Association for Information Systems (AIS). She supports numerous youth-focused community organizations and is president of a public-benefit, non-profit organization aligned with education.

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