Jacque Orr


Jacque Orr is a knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and intellectual leader, her undergrad is in accounting, and she has a Masters is in Business Administration (MBA). She is a finance and business expert passionate about humanism, creativity, financial literacy, and social justice.  She has worked as a Staff Accountant, Senior Accountant & Human Resource (HR) Lead, Forensic Accountant, Fiscal & Contract Specialist, Budget Analyst, and Fiscal Analyst Senior. She has built and developed an exemplary professional career. From overseeing position management for 150+ people and about a $50 million budget and procurement in centralized district information technology (IT), to about 400+ positions and reporting on a $90 million College budget, she has taken on challenging roles across the industry, and worked tirelessly to produce exceptional results. 

Jacque offers a strong international business management, public accounting, and higher education background, working with leadership development programs, contracts, litigation, accounting, finance, strategic planning, budgeting, economics, benchmarking, marketing, human capital, audit compliance, and digital technology. For example she led teams to achieve a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level One audit compliance in 2011, and supported several other successful compliance audits. She negotiated millions in enterprise technology contracts, and served as project manager for the Human Capital Management (HCM) IT project. She develops content and presents as a finance subject matter expert, covering business, human capital, compliance, legal, and budget solutions. Jacque's leadership influence includes a passion for the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) space where she presents on Digital Equity and Inclusion and DEI language. She is a lifelong learner, that enjoys collaborating and sharing with global colleagues, mentoring international students, and volunteering with the Arizona Women in Higher Education (AWHE).

Jacque is passionate about public service, education, technology, and math and how it relates it to music, art, and nature, but also the market and economy. In her free time she researches Web 3 innovations impacting the future economy, and the cryptocurrency market and blockchain. She is an Arizona native that loves coffee, dogs, diverse people, and outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and biking.