Jairo Galindo Cuesta


Jairo Alberto Galindo C. is a researcher and university educator. He stands out for his experience in the convergence of pedagogy and technology. His focus is on the training of trainers in language didactics, teacher training and the promotion of the creative and critical use of technology in educational environments. In addition to her Master's degree in Hispanic American Linguistics, she has acquired specializations in fields such as Artificial Intelligence for content generation and e-learning project management. Her mission is clear: to design, strengthen and improve teaching and learning experiences that effectively incorporate digital tools, both in virtual scenarios and in the classroom. He has held leadership roles, including the direction of Virtual and Distance Graduate Programs, as well as the creation of a Research Center for Social and Educational Studies at his university. In addition, he shares his experience as a consultant and lecturer on crucial topics related to education and the pedagogical use of technology, demonstrating a passionate commitment to teacher training and the promotion of digital humanities in education.