Jim Yucha


Jim Yucha is the Deputy Director of Application Services and Director of Web Services at Virginia Commonwealth University where his team supports the VCU Web, VCU Mobile, the myVCU Portal, Authentication Services and many web-related applications, including Ecommerce, VCU Events Calendar and the Training Management System. Jim earned his Master's Degree in Statistics from the University of Florida and his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from The Pennsylvania State University. Jim's key areas of focus include application design, accessibility and user interface. Jim has been very involved in SIGUCCS where he was a member of conference committee and served as their webmaster for more than a decade. In 2013, Jim was inducted the ACM SIGUCCS Hall of Fame that was established to recognize individuals whose specific contributions have had a positive impact on the organization and therefore on the professional careers of the members and their institutions. Jim has been very involved in the development of many applications with WEAVEonline being the most notable. The application was initially developed to handle VCU’s SACS’ reaccreditation. Eventually, the application was commercialized and now is used by hundreds of institutions worldwide. In 2009, Jim and the WEAVEonline development team were awarded the VCU Billy R Martin Award for Innovation.