James Fadden


I am starting my sixteenth year at Allegheny College. I have served in several positions at the college including Instructional Technologist and Director of User Services. In February of 2014, I became Director of Information Technology Services and started to lead the entire IT organization. Allegheny College is a great place to work and has invested in my professional development. I have had the opportunity to attend many conferences sponsored by Educause, NERCOMP, NITLE, CLAC, GLCA and the Salesforce Foundation. Attendance at these programs have connected me to the Higher Ed IT profession providing opportunities to learn and grow my professional network. I would encourage all, new or old, in the profession to take advantage of Educause and other associations; you and your institution will be better for it. Outside of work, I am a father, husband and community member enjoying the life work balance that Meadville provides.

EDUCAUSE Presentations