Jim Falvo


Dr. Jim Falvo holds an Ed.D. in Administration, Curriculum, and Instruction with an emphasis in Instructional Media from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Falvo earned his M.A. degree in Communication at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and his B.S.degree in Public Address at Towson State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Teaching in both the traditional classroom and via compressed and full-motion two-way video, Dr. Falvo has been a full-time faculty member for eight years, an adjunct for over 20 years, and has taught high school for four years. His teaching areas include human and mediated communication courses such as Public Speaking, Small Group Communication, Communication Theory, Mass Media and Society, Television and Radio Production, Broadcast Journalism, TV News Video, Radio/TV News Writing, Electronic News Gathering, and Electronic Field Production. He is also a certified tennis instructor. The focus of Dr. Falvo's dissertation is on faculty concerns toward adopting a technical innovation and he remains vitally interested in the teaching-learning process. He has extensive experience as a Television/Video Producer/Director in Corporate, Biomedical and Broadcast settings. Dr. Falvo has also been a Broadcast Journalist in both commercial radio and television. He served four years in the Air Force as a member of the American Forces Radio and Television Service. Dr. Falvo has significant experience in directing university distance learning efforts that include compressed and full-motion two-way live/broadcast television, telecourse production, and online courses. He looks forward to developing online courses for Central New Mexico Community College.