James Ford


My interest in educational technology stems from a fifteen-year relationship with higher education where I have spent time learning, researching and teaching as a student, faculty member, and currently as an Applications Expert. Each of these roles has increased my understanding and experience in higher education. In my current position I am the applications expert for our educational technology solutions. I manage the support efforts for our CMS to all faculty, staff and students. This includes managing a team of 8 Instructional Design Consultants, an online Help Center, support ticket requests, technology promotion efforts and campus-wide education efforts on technology systems. I have taught over 60 college courses across three institutions: University of California, Santa Barbara, Brooks Institute and Texas Tech University. These courses were directed at professional writing studies, rhetorical practices and technology and society theories. Each of the courses involved an online learning component. My research is focused on technology and society and its place in higher education. Specifically, I'm interested in advanced display systems and the communicative activities that surround the associated learning processes. I'm also active in reading, critiquing and interacting with researchers on the topics of educational technology, its history, and the appropriate usage within higher education. I'm always looking to connect with folks who are interested in similar topics. My career aspiration is to be a leader within an organization that is motivated to positively impact education, based on research, guided by intelligent professionals, and unafraid to carve a new path.