Jim Moore


I have been a leader in information security for almost 30 years.  I was the original Information Security Officer for RIT, and my primary achievement was to add an agile layer of governance to the overall governance process (standards are mandated by policy).  I shephered the original Information Security Policy through governance, as well as, facilitating the revision of the Acceptable Use, and Privacy policies.  I also established an exception to Policy process, based on the work that was done as an Information Security Architect at Xerox.

I am deeply grateful for the advice of many security mentors, many former co-workers or managers, including Michael Gerdes, Linda Stutsman, Ed Reed, Ed Fuller, Aldwin Maloto, and Ben Woelk.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics (with a minor in speech/communications) from Allegheny College, with 90 credit hours of graduate work spread across 5 disciplines at various universities.

I also have held a CISSP for 15+ years, and also hold CCSP, Infosec Assessment Methodology (IAM), ITIL Foundations v3, and a Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt certifications.

My LinkedIn profile contains greater detail, and is available from the Social Media section.

Lastly, but most importantly, gratitude is insufficient as a word and as a concept, as are my feelings, as great as they are for Jesus the Christ making me the way that I am, and opening the door to The Father, who has sent His Holy Spirit to me. 

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