Jamie Butler


As the Executive Director of Information Technology for the College of Engineering at UC Davis, Jamie Butler provides strategic, technical, financial, and analytical oversight for the college's extensive IT portfolio of business, educational, research, and infrastructure services. Prior to joining the College of Engineering, Jamie served as the Director of IT for the School of Law at UC Davis, where he led all aspects of IT, including strategic planning, project budgeting, risk analysis, and customer communications. He has been an active member of the UC Davis campus IT community, and has served in leadership positions on several campus IT committees, including as co-chair of the campus Technology Infrastructure Forum. Prior to UC Davis, Jamie was an IT Manager at the University of Pittsburgh. His educational background includes a BS in Information Science and an MBA with a specialty in Technology Management. Additionally, Jamie is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Jamie speaks regularly on key IT issues in higher education, ranging from service and customer relationship management to educational technologies and cloud services.