Jamie Reeves


Jamie Reeves, Senior Product and Portfolio Manager joined EDUCAUSE in 2013 and has worked on many projects and programs supporting EDUCAUSE’s mission of advancing higher education through the use of information technology. Jamie leads numerous product teams including future-based publications; The Horizon Report and Top IT Issues. Jamie loves working with EDUCAUSE members in collaboration with the EDUCAUSE Communities and Research team as a nexus of support, bringing value to programs and creating new products for the community. Jamie has undergone foresight practitioner training through Institute for the Future, as well as product management essentials through Berkeley Executive Education. When not in a zoom meeting, you can find Jamie cheering for her children at a volleyball or soccer game, sitting on the dais of a local school board, or doing laundry. twitter @Jamie_l0u

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Digital Capabilities in Higher Education, 2016: Analytics
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports

    Analytics, which we define as the use of data, statistical analysis, and explanatory and predictive models to gain insight into and act on complex issues, is an issue of relevance and enduring strategic importance to higher education. This report examines the status of analytics maturity and deployment in higher education. The maturity and deployment indices are based on contributions to the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service.

  • 2016 Students and Technology Research Study
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports

    This hub provides findings from the 2016 student study, part of the EDUCAUSE Technology Research in the Academic Community research series.

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