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✉️ [email protected] 🖥 www.csrtalent.com WHAT ARE YOUR TALENT ACQUISITION CHALLENGES? 💲Unqualified Candidates 💲Culture Fit 💲Declined Job Offers 💲Turnover 💲Gut Instinct Hires

We help Clients avoid those frustrations and make their life easier by doing the heavy lifting with a proven sequence of steps designed to identify, attract, and deliver qualified candidates.

♦ EXPECTATIONS: We set expectations with both the client and candidate

♦ SOURCING: We are exceptional in advanced Boolean logic to uncover candidates who will excel

♦ RECRUITING: We spend hours with each candidate to determine exactly what motivates them, their experience and their personality to ensure an excellent cultural fit in your company

♦ CLOSING: We take proactive steps throughout the process to mitigate the risk of losing the person you’ve decided to hire to a counteroffer or another job

Imagine receiving only QUALIFIED CANDIDATES and all your OFFERS WERE ACCEPTED? We source an average of 180 candidates for each of the engaged searches. We talk, meet, and present a small percentage of that talent pool. That means significant, robust qualifying before you EVER meet a candidate! AND . . .

What if you were kept informed with WEEKLY UPDATES and ANALYTICS? What if the NEGOTIATIONS and PROCUREMENT were completed by us?

A little about me . . . I am a former All-Star Sales Rep for Cap Gemini, CSC, Fujitsu, ESI . . . and former Teacher of Math to Dyslexics. This background has developed my people skills and a strong PROCESS with attention to detail, so you don’t have a MIS-HIRE or find yourself in the WRONG JOB.

Did you know 89% of MIS-HIRES are because of Culture Fit? ♦ I have a track record of identifying candidates who not only stay but earn numerous promotions over time. ♦ I have a track record of candidates who "hit the ground running" with trust & credibility to execute immediately on initiatives.


• Placed Senior Director, IT Operations and Security in 34 days
• Placed 28% of the management team at a major corporation
• Clients hired 2 of our candidates when we were only hired for one search
• Relocated a Director of Identity Management from California to Chicago in a 28-day timeframe
• Candidate being groomed for CIO position after less than one year after placement
• Placed one of the Best Unified Communications Engineers ever
• 100% Procurement Rate – no candidate has ever turned down a written job offer!

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