Jarrod Rahn


I am in Construction Management where I have the opportunity to work closely with Facilities Design and Construction and to advocate for IT in major renovations and new buildings.  Reviewing plans and working with designers and engineers to create a sound scope of work is my favorite part of the job.  Collaborating with the project team and attending project meetings is a close second.  

Leadership is a particular point of interest for me, and I am going through a never-ending process of self discovery in learning my leadership style and what I want from my leaders.  

EDUCAUSE has been such a gift as it provides a wealth of information I've found to be incredibly valuable.  

I have a "full house," two girls and a boy along with an amazing wife.  I couldn't be more lucky!

I look forward to what the future holds for my career, and I hope to develop, mature, create culture, build teams, and empower the people around me.