Jennie LaMonte


Jennie LaMonte serves as the Fellowship Advisor for NC State students who are pursuing candidacy in major national and international competitions. She assists in formulating a strategic plan, selecting appropriate programs, and preparing successful application packages, as well as works with granting entities to keep them abreast of advances at NC State. Her professional career has been spent in academic administration, development, and teaching. Before coming to NC State she was the Assistant Senior Tutor of Dudley House and Teaching Fellow in Afro-American Studies and in History, all at Harvard College. Jennie earned an AB in Art History at Wellesley College, an MA in History from Lehigh University, and an AM in History at Harvard University. She is in the completion phase of her PhD dissertation on the history of the eighteenth-century colony of Louisiane, at Harvard University. Jennie and her husband, Materials Science and Engineering faculty member, Mark Johnson, race fairly fast sailboats.