Jennifer Teig von Hoffman


Jennifer Teig von Hoffman is the Assistant Director of the Scientific Computing and Visualization group at Boston University. She is a co-PI on the NSF-funded BPC Demonstration Project New Voices and New Visions for Engaging Native Americans in Computer Science, which uses a fusion of computer science and Native American art and culture to encourage Native American college and high school students to pursue degrees in computing. She chairs the SC07 Broader Engagement Committee, leading activities designed to broaden and deepen the engagement at the SC07 conference of individuals from groups which have traditionally been under-represented in computing. In previous years, she led SC efforts for Student Volunteers and SC Global. As a participant in the Minority Serving Institutions Consortium (MSIC), she conducted a series of NSF-supported site visits to MSIs through the MSI Access Grid Support Pilot Project, and co-authored a paper on models for supporting emerging technologies at MSIs, presented at the Access Grid Retreat 2005. She is a pioneer of the Access Grid community, having organized one of the first AG conferences in 1999, founded the AG Documentation Project in 2001, and co-chaired an Access Grid performance venue at SIGGRAPH 2005. With Edee Wiziecki of NCSA, she co-led the NSF-funded EPIC Virtual Institute on Access Grid in Education; this group authored a series of case studies on the use of Access Grid technologies for collaborative, distributed education.