Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen


Ms. Jennipha-Laurén Nielsen The Little Girl Who Wanting to Grow Up to Be an Ambassador to the World Jennipha was fortunate to grow up the youngest of nine children with parents that had careers in commercial aviation providing the opportunity to begin traveling the world at a very young and formidable age. Airports still bring back many of her fondest memories. Meeting fellow travelers created a respect and appreciation for cultures across the globe. Early on she would develop a sense the world wasn’t that big. A dedication to advocacy and community outreach would begin in high school and expand throughout college. During her bachelors and on into graduate school she worked with Microsoft as a technology advocate. Working within the academic community providing training, recruitment and outreach. Annually Jennipha highlighted Microsoft’s Imagine Cups efforts to help solve the United Nations Millennium Goals through the use of technology designed by today’s youth. Within her tenure as a Microsoft Student Partner Ms. Nielsen developed a substantial “following”. Utilizing social media her advocacy would grow and expand into areas of legislative support and development. It was a passion for helping others that would have Jennipha-Laurén elected as Student Body President of her University while in graduate school. During her term she would witness California’s education system get hit with the deepest cuts in their budgets history. These cuts would disproportionately affect minority student campuses. By grace, fate or wild luck the following year she would compete and win her states beauty pageant and be crowned as Ms. California. Seizing the opportunity to help others with her new success. Jennipha formed Lipsticks & Laptops, a 501(c)3 non-profit to raise awareness for the need for girls and minority students to have access and training in the fields of Science & Technology. During her reign as Ms. California, she traveled over 90,000 miles. Her travels would take her as far as India, Thailand and Hong Kong; speaking on her platform; empowering women and girls to reach their full potential. As Jennipha’s reign as Ms. California came to a close, she was asked to join with the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women; UN Women. She began working as a public speaker and advocate. This would take her back to wear her story began; the airport. Traveling to communities within California, the United States and abroad regarding the importance for gender equality and the empowerment of women. To learn more please visit: to learn more. Jennipha-Laurén Nielsen can be reach via email: [email protected]