Jenny Heflin


Jenny is a member of Accenture’s Education Practice Leadership Team. I am passionate about furthering the mission and vision of our clients. Co-creating solutions and services that drive student success is my focus. I enjoy pulling together high performing teams to drive outcomes with our clients.

I earn the trust of education organizations by sharing actionable insights, that help mitigate risk and add value, through my experience which includes:
- Led Accenture’s Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship practice, continuing to serve as a strategic adviser.
- Led Accenture's National Partnership with KIPP Charter Schools and Covenant House International.
- Designed, developed and scaled Accenture's National Skills to Succeed Intern Program which provides high-impact technology internships to students from Accenture's nonprofit partners (mainly high school students).

My career is all about amplifying impact in the community. I’m proud of Accenture's commitment to helping students from underserved communities navigate their college and career next steps as well as our mission to help change the way the world works and lives.