Jeremy Sisk


Jeremy Sisk is the Senior IT Manager for the Student Information Services and Systems (SISS) program at Duke University. Recent projects and initiatives include the release of online grading, an integration of a full-scale, redundant testing and production environment, the creation of standard eCommerce solutions, the implementation XML messaging (real time and near-real time), and storage area network performance improvements. During the past 18 months, we have also instituted standards in the areas of change, incident and project management which have led to dramatic increases in productivity. The backlog of requests was once over 100 in total and now hover around the 20 mark. Staff morale, built through trusting relationships, is my key focus. I am a firm believer in interpersonal relationships and their affect on the workplace. My expertise lie in managing people, evaluating technological opportunities, and incorporating process improvements through redesign and/or the creation of practical standards. In previous career experiences, I managed IT operations and customer support organizations for firms within the supply chain management and telecommunications industries. The highlight of these experiences came about as a key participant in the successful deployment of DSL at most of the major communications companies (Bell South, SBC, and Verizon) in the United States.

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