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Jerry Goldman is Research Professor of Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law IIT and emeritus professor of political science at Northwestern University. For 20+ years, he has been a campus leader in the creative use of information technology and he has the scars to prove it. His main interest is in the development and use of audio archives for teaching and research. Goldman was co-PI with Professor Mark Kornbluh on the Spoken Word Project. Goldman is the lead PI for an interdisciplinary project to archive and share all of the recorded audio from the U.S. Supreme Court from 1955 to the present. Goldman's honors include: the Educom Medal, the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award, the American Political Science Association Best Instructional Website award, and the Rowman & Littlefield Award for Instructional Software in Political Science, and-most recently-the American Political Science Association CQ Press Award for Teaching Innovation. He spends some of his spare time observing his wife, Susan Kennedy, use positive reinforcement techniques to train their 4-year-old flat-coated retriever, Luna.

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