Jerry Smith


Mr. Smith serves as Senior IT Executive with CampusWorks Inc. In this role he provides higher education clients with a unique combination of business acumen, higher education expertise, technical know-how and professional planning. Over the past five years, Mr. Smith has serve as the technology leader, the translator, and the trusted advisor to senior management in over 16 different higher education institutions. Mr. Smith's Current assignment is as interim Chief Information Officer at Saint Louis Community College. Before joining CampusWorks Inc, Mr. Smith served as the CEO of the Associated Colleges of Central Kansas (ACCK). He has also served as the CIO of Pittsburg State University, and he has served in a variety of education administration and technology positions with Sprint Telecommunications and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Smith has a BA and M.Ed degrees from the University of Missouri - Columbia, Advanced Graduate Study at the University of Virginia and is currently a candidate for the Ed.D degree at Liberty University.

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