Jessica Egan


Jessica has worked in the intersection of teaching and technology since 2010. With two degrees heavily focused on curriculum and instruction from Florida State University, she began her career as an ESL instructor and was quickly drawn to data-driven course design and ways instructional technology can enhance teaching and learning. As a first-gen community college graduate, she strongly believes in providing equitable learning experiences for all. 

Her primary role includes supporting faculty and staff as the Coordinator of Instructional Design with Holyoke Community College. In this role, she supports over 300 faculty members, promotes professional development, and works directly with the areas of curriculum development, faculty training, planning, and assessment. In addition, she holds a role within the Center for Excellence, a centralized location for professional development. 

Jessica also currently teaches English composition and Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders (WELL) courses and serves as an OER author for The American Women's College at Bay Path University. 

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