Jim Vanides


After receiving an engineering degree from Stanford University, Jim worked at Hewlett-Packard as an engineer, engineering manager and program manager for 23 years. He has been responsible for Research and Development teams and Manufacturing Engineering teams engaged in projects ranging from custom automotive test and measurement, to quadrupole mass spectrometers used by analytical chemists in environmental labs and for drug testing at the Olympics. For over 20 years, Jim has been actively involved in education outreach, introducing students to the world of engineering, and teaching elementary teachers science. Jim has been involved in national science education reform since 1992, focusing on teacher professional development. As an adjunct faculty member for Montana State University’s NSF-funded National Teacher Enhancement Network (NTEN), Jim teaches an online course on the Science of Sound. Since completing a graduate program in Learning Design and Technology at the Stanford School of Education (2002), Jim has been an advisor and consultant to school districts engaged in technology planning and has worked on corporate e-Learning projects. He is now a Program Manager for Hewlett-Packard’s Philanthropy and Education department, responsible for worldwide higher education grant initiatives.

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