Joe Dougharty


Joe D. Dougharty is the Associate Director of Technology Services - "Systems" - for The Provost Information Technology Office at Texas A&M University, where he is responsible for all IT Infrastructure Operations, Security, DRP, BCP, IT Budgeting, Strategic Planning and IT Standard Operating Procedures & Policy Development. Recent and on-going projects including a Major Merger of over 30 separate individual IT support groups in the Division of Academic Affairs into one common IT support group that reports through the Provost Office. This new IT group is known as The Provost Information Technology Office at Texas A&M University and is responsible for supporting all of the Academic Affairs Business Operations Groups. These are all of the different groups that provide business services to the Students, Parents and the University with the exception of the University Wide financials which are handled by the Division of Finance. He also has worked on the development of SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures) and Policies to help govern the enforcement of compliance, a greatly improved Information Security System, and a fully redundant mission critical systems infrastructure that houses Our Mission Critical Virtual Environment running on Microsoft Hyper-V that is hosted on 10 high performance hosts with high performance Compellent SANS for the back-end storage. This Infrastructure houses dozens of Mission Critical Applications including but not limited to Document Imaging Systems, The University Wide Scholarship System, Over 250 Web Sites, Various Applications used by Admissions Processing and the Registrar as well as various data warehouses. It is now his job to oversee the Infrastructure Operations side of the Provost IT Office. When completed PITO (Provost IT Office) will have a redundant state of the art Hyper-V virtual environment that will be housed in two (2) data centers. This environment will consist of four (4) parts, Production, QA, Development and a full LAB (Test or Demo) for early testing and development. Also the system will be mirrored across at least two physical sites in separate data centers. The system will be running on top end Dell Hardware which will consist of the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge Servers and Dell / Compellent SANS for the backend storage of the Virtual Environment. PITO uses PGP Netshare to encrypt all Confidential, Sensitive or PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data at rest on our High Performance Clustered File System which is also housed on our Dell / Compellent SANS. This new Virtual Environment has allowed PITO and the Division of Academic Affairs to reduce its carbon footprint from well over 150 physical servers down to less than 30. This has also resulted in significant cost savings to the University.


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