Joe Young


As the Oracle Solutions Director at iAppSys Inc., Joe’s primary focus is supporting iAppSys’ clients in building Enterprise solutions which meet existing and future requirements, adhere to business standards, and maintain compliance with any federal or institutional audits. All the while, providing insight and focus onthe short and long-term costs of licensing and support for such solutions. As a federal account manager selling Oracle solutions to some of the largest defense integrators and Oracle users in the country, Joe was a quick study in the Oracle business. His calculated and thorough approach to helping large, centralized & de-centralized organizations was successful in aligning departments and subsidiaries and ultimately building 2 of the largest Oracle enterprise deployments in the government sector. This experience quickly progressed into directing iAppSys’ license management consulting practice. To Joe, license management is more than controlling license costs, its providing end-to-end solution, aligning each variable in Enterprise IT from application deployment to storage, networking and disaster recovery solutions, while at the same time accounting for all variable short and long-term fees associated with deployment of Test/QA – PROD – DR and co-lo environments. iAppSys Inc is an Oracle Certified Platinum Partner with Specializations in DB, Enterprise Mgt, Clustering,Security, Data Integration (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) & GoldenGate is Oracle’s premier partner in the Pacific NW supporting multiple organizations in Oracle License Management and Consulting services. The iAppSys team also supports Identity Mgt, SOA, Disaster Recovery, VMware & Storage, custom DB development of DR, Monitoring and Standby solutions. iAppSys is proud to have made Inc 500’s top list for 2012.