Joel Landau


Joel Landau's introduction into the skilled nursing industry began when his own caretaking efforts on behalf of his grandfather drew his attention to troubling deficiencies in eldercare. He found that local nursing homes sorely lacked the resources their residents needed to live happy and comfortable lives.

Mr. Landau and his partners founded The Allure Group with the vision of rescuing nursing homes, which were on the brink of closure. The vision was developed after his partners acquired the former Victory Memorial Hospital in 2010. Today, the former Victory Memorial Hospital is known as Hamilton Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and enjoys a 98% occupancy rate.

The success of Victory Memorial led Mr. Landau and his partners to acquire two other non-profit Brooklyn nursing homes: the Ruby Weston Manor (in 2011) and the Marcus Garvey Residential Rehab Pavilion (in 2012). The group invested heavily in rehabilitating the facilities now known as Linden Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Crown Heights Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. The group’s investment in infrastructure and quality paid off and today the centers enjoy a 100% and 98% occupancy rate respectively, and CMS Five Star rating (as of Feb. 2016).

Through The Allure Group, Mr. Landau seeks to eliminate the “revolving door” nature of rehab facilities so that patients needn’t to go back and forth between the hospital and the rehab center. The Allure Group’s one-stop centers are designed to support the growing needs of the aging Baby Boomer generation. The Allure Group transforms nursing homes into spaces that are attentive to the needs of residents when it comes to their health, comfort, culture, and quality of life. With the appearance and amenities of a 5-star hotel, its properties cater to the unique needs within the communities in which they serve.

Mr. Landau is committed to leveraging well-grounded healthcare operating experience and industry knowledge to develop solutions that lead to improved health care quality and access, while still being affordable for all. His motto is that “an improved, more cost-effective and holistic healthcare system is well within our reach.”

Mr. Landau brings a combination of management expertise and dedication to excellence to every endeavor he undertakes as an entrepreneur. A leader in the healthcare industry, he has developed an ability to identify opportunities in the marketplace and created products, services and companies that hone in on market opportunities.

A visionary leader and entrepreneur in the healthcare arena Landau is offering a blend of management expertise and pure dedication to healthcare excellence.
• Highly adept in identifying and leveraging opportunities to create products, services and startup companies that address market opportunities with a keen focus on high-risk populations which have been historically underserved and high-cost healthcare segments.
• Consistent success in introducing and applying technology to help managed care companies achieve healthcare efficiency and efficacy.
• Key player in driving growth, generating revenues, capturing market share, improving profits, and enhancing value for companies managed.

• Startups and Turnarounds
• Capitalization Strategy
• Venture Financing
• Deal-making and Strategic Partnerships

• AlphaCare of New York, Chairman & Founder
• Care to Care, Founder & Co-owner
• EZ-Bill, , Founder & Co-owner
• Pinta Partners, Partner
• The AllureGroup, , Founder & Co-owner
• The InteliMed Group, , Founder & Co-owner

• Member, Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Review Panel
• Board Member, SUNY University Hospital Board

Landau is Chairman & Founder at AlphaCare of New York, Inc.
Established in 2012, AlphaCare of New York offers a full range of products to the elderly, including Medicare Advantage (MAPD), Medicare Dual Eligible Members (DSNP), Medicare Special Needs for Institutionalized Members (ISNP), Medicaid Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) and—more recently—Fully Integrated Dual Advantage Members (FIDA).

AlphaCare covers members in Bronx, Brooklyn Manhattan and Queens, and is licensed in NY State as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and managed long term care plan (MLTCP). Additionally, AlphaCare is a participant in the Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA) Demonstration Program which is expected to start serving eligible members in August 2014.

Mr. Landau is also a Managing Director and Partner at Care To Care LLC
Care to Care, founded in 2007, is a URAC-accredited Multi-specialty Benefits Management Company. Care to Care’s evidence-based, provider-friendly specialty management solutions ensure payers and patients receive cost-effective quality care while helping physicians to reduce redundant or unnecessary procedures and studies. These achievements come as a result of continually improving collegial and cooperative communications with the referring provider community. Care to Care manages more than 1 million member lives in the NYC metro service area and Connecticut. It offers Risk- and ASO-based services for commercial, fully insured and government sponsored programs.

Joel Landau is Founder at The Allure Group
The Allure Group (Allure) is NYC-based long-term healthcare consortium of nursing homes that currently serve seniors in the NYC metro service area. Landau’s leadership encompasses decades of experience in home healthcare, social day care and durable medical equipment.

Allure operates six Brooklyn-based nursing home facilities which previously had been non-profit businesses. Allure has successfully transitioned these non-profit nursing homes into profitable, financially stable organizations that are able to maintain the requisite quality and service requirements and successfully meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare environment. Allure provides a value-based care model that promotes a patient-centered approach to care in the least restrictive environment.