Joel Rosenblatt


Joel Rosenblatt is the Director of Computer and Network Security at Columbia University. In that position, he oversees the computer security for all systems connected to the Columbia Network. He is the chairperson of the Security Metrics subcommittee of the Security Effective Practices committee of Educause. He Graduated from Columbia Engineering in 1977 and went to work for what was then called CUCCA (Columbia University Center for Computing Activities) running the IBM Mainframe systems. His current responsibilities include oversight of the security of over 250,000 network nodes, DMCA, PCI and DLP for Columbia University. He writes for the online security magazine SecurityCurrent and is a member of Infragard and the NYECTF. He is currently teaching a graduate class on Intrusion Detection systems for the CS department at the Columbia school of Engineering and Applied Science, and is serving as the Senator representing all Administrative officers on the Morningside campus.

He is also active in other security organizations that he can neither confirm or deny the existence of.

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