Johanna Brams


I am an Instructional Technologist at Lehigh University. I am in charge of the IMRC, a center which is responsible for general multimedia design; including internal university web authoring, utlitizing HTML. XML, CSS, and Java where appropriate; and including PHP and some CF, for database applications, with mostly MSQL databases. We specialize in designing interactive internet and web applications, as well as in-class applications. Most recently we designed and constucted Lehigh University's Second Life Island, and continue to evolve the site for a variety of virtual/immersive uses. We are also responsible for video broadcasting on campus, including some satellite downlinks, and I act as advisor for the university video club. I supervise a wage and student staff of approximately 30 people. (The IMRC is run as an apprenticeship program with a mostly student staff.) I teach web authoring and graphic applications workshops, and I also act as an adjunct in the Journalism/ Communications separtment. I am part of the Instructional Technology team, which advises faculty on the use of all kinds of technology in the classroom.

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