John Augeri


John Augeri, PhD, is a practitioner and researcher, working as Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning at Ile-de-France Digital University (Paris). He's especially focusing on Faculty Development, and on innovative physical Learning Spaces, about which he's running an international comparative study of since 2016, that was presented at EDUCAUSE and ELI annual conferences numerous times. 

John regularly acts as advisor for Learning Spaces strategies and assessment for multiple governmental institutions and universities all around the world. Since 2016, he gave more than 90 talks and keynotes about the international situation of Learning Spaces in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Australia. He's been published in Japan, Australia, and Europe. 

John has been invited six times as visiting researcher in Japan, and is involved as journal papers reviewer, conference proposals reviewer, and core member & advisor for several workgroups (incl. FLEXspace). 

EDUCAUSE Presentations