John Tyndall


John Tyndall leads the teams, projects, and strategic directions of several University-wide, enterprise desktop and device management services spanning academic, administrative, and research higher education computing.

In addition to leadership responsibilities, John has designed architectures for multi-campus environments of over 60,000 computer, server, and mobile devices, and has written tools used by hundreds of thousands of faculty, staff, and students.

John has successfully led the development of several impactful institutional projects, including the following:

• WebLabs - Penn State's first enterprise cloud virtual desktop service

• WebApps - Penn State's first enterprise streaming apps service

• The Penn State Desktop - a "set-and-forget," managed Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux desktop environment for end user computing

• Systems Management at Penn State (SysMan) - a suite of enterprise endpoint management services for mobile, desktop, and server devices

• Cooperative Lab Management - a long-standing partnership with all academic units at Penn State to provide a consistent academic technology experience

• SysMan Build Tools - a collection of C#, PowerShell, Python, and Swift desktop and web applications, micro-services, and RESTful APIs to automate OS imaging, software packaging and deployment, and systems management functions

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