John Ittelson


John C. Ittelson is currently a professor of Telecommunications, Multi-media, & Applied Computing at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), Since 1999, Dr. Ittelson has served as the principal investigator for a three-year grant from the Department of Education. The grant, "CalStateTEACH Technology Enhancement Project" provides technical support to the CSU system wide CalStateTEACH program, which allows intern teachers to acquire Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials. Dr. Ittelson was also selected by Educause to be one of two National Learning Infrastructure Initiative (NLII) Fellows during the year 2000. Additionally, Dr. Ittelson has been selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator during the past two years. Dr. Ittelson earned his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design. Prior to being a founding faculty member at CSUMB, Dr. Ittelson developed and coordinated the Master's of Science in Technology program offered by California State University, Chico.

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