John Baines


John Baines brings vast experience in the planning, development, management and security of Information Technology applications and infrastructure. His career spans 35 years with NC State University, Arthur Young International, Fortune 500 companies, IBM, and the public service sector. Additionally, John has executive management experience in four software and consulting companies. John has successfully fought and directed in the trenches of many Information Technology projects on a variety of battlefields. In January 2005, John was awarded the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) accreditation. Currently John is Associate Director, in the Security and Compliance Unit at NC State University. John founded the NC State University Identity and Access Management (IAM) team, and was co-chair of the university cross-functional IAM task-force. John has presented to the Sun Identity Manager product SIG on ‘Fine Grained Authorization’. John is project sponsor for the implementation of the Sun Identity Manger product at the university.

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