John Morris


John M. Morris holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Architecture and Architectural Engineering and is working on his third Ph.D., this time in Education. He was most recently the Chief Technical Officer and Director of Operations at Drexel University'™s Center for Graduate Studies in Sacramento, CA. He now head MorrisiMedia, an Internet Consultancy specializing in e-learning infrastructure and educational technology. In 1992, he joined Drexel University as the Director of the Architectural Engineering program and was responsible for Drexel's first online courses and interactive classrooms in the mid-1990s. In 2000 he moved to Drexel'™s Office of Information Resources and Technology to champion and institutionalize web-based education and technology use in the classroom. Specializing in appropriate use of technology and "Best Practices," he designed the high-tech classrooms in Drexel'™s Korman Computing Center and extended those designs to the Sacramento campus. His Philadelphia based Web Group is responsible for DragonDrop, an award winning web-based content capture and deployment application. He current manages the graduate facility and its technology.

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