John Martin


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I increase teaching & learning efficiency and effectiveness by helping R1 faculty teach and learn from each other to develop their active, personalized, and experiential learning strategies and practices.

I regularly collaborate with a variety of folx across all disciplines at UW-Madison, and draw on sociocultural learning research to develop experiential and collaborative tools that leverage social networks and design-based adult learning.

I skillfully pull together diverse ideas to address general and specific issues. Rarely satisfied with the status quo, I experiment to instigate discussion and further development.

Specialties: engagement and motivation, Universal Design for Learning, Design Thinking for Education, mobile & place-based learning, local knowledge, experiential and social learning, skilled technology therapist.

Major accomplishments: 1) designed, piloted, scaled and managed successful, sustainable faculty engagement programs; 2) designed, built, staffed, and managed a university educational technology studio; 3) trained and supervised staffs of 2-25; 4) recognized for excellent teaching and excellent faculty development programs at UW-Madison. 

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