John Whitmer


John has directed large-scale academic technology projects for the past decade. He currently serves as the Program Manager for Academic Technology & Analytics for the California State University Office of the Chancellor. In this capacity, John leads projects that use data from multiple sources, including academic technology usage logs and clickstream interaction data, to understand student learning, identify at-risk students, and demonstrate technology adoption. John is trained in quantitative analysis methods and social anthropology, and is acutely concerned with how low-income and racial minority learners use technology for learning.

In addition to these projects, John also designs and delivers academic technology services for campus participants, including a recent ePortfolio initiative for faculty across the CSU to demonstrate course redesigns using technology. He is also involved in vendor negotiations for multi-campus license agreements that increase affordability, enable cross-campus sharing of innovations, and support common service development.

Prior to this position, John directed academic technology initiatives for a National Science-Foundation supported Earthquake Engineering consortium and for a system-wide professional development project for the California Community College system. John holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UC Davis and a Master’s Degree in Sociocultural Anthropology from UC Davis.

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