Jon Oliver


PROFILE Leader with 28 years of experience in higher education. Member of the Senior Administration of the School of Communication and Information. Member of multiple university committees on technology. Advisor to other academic units within Rutgers University. University Senator and Committee Co-Chair. Active member of the University Senate since 2008. Currently serving on the Executive Committee of the University Senate. Critical problem solver with an extensive background and experience in Information Technology, Information Security, Learning Space design, higher education policy and Active Critical Reflective Learning methodologies. Architect of new Learning Space pedagogies and technology infrastructure. Specializations include: Information Security, Network Architecture Development and Higher Education Policy. Leadership - Use a balanced blend of motivational and targeted instruction methodologies to enhance staff skills and abilities, focus on the three R's - rigor, relevancy and relationships. Leverage Resources / Strategic Collaborations. Work closely with university leaders and corporate partners to encourage involvement, collaboration and strong alliances. Utilize a visionary approach with consistency to push IT to new heights of innovation and productivity. Experienced Leader, Technologist, Educator and Critical Analytical Problem Solver with experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, building technology infrastructures, developing and implementing new learning space models, securing resources, and implementing effective programs.