Jon Sticklen


Jon Sticklen is an Associate Professor in the MSU Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He has had a strong research record specifically in knowledge-based systems. Dr. Sticklen has had substantial experience in leading sizable, multi-investigator research projects. He was Principal Investigator for an interdisciplinary, NSF-funded project under the Rapid Prototypes Project which focused on redesign of metal assemblies using composite materials, he was Co-PI on a Technology Reinvestment Program project (administered by NSF) which aimed to develop technology transfer methods and materials in the area of polymer composites/liquid molding, and he was Principal Investigator on two DARPA multi-investigator projects (MADE program and RAPID program) which focused on design and fabrication methods for polymer composites. Since becoming lead faculty for the MSU College of Engineering gateway course in problem solving with computational tools, Dr. Sticklen has become increasing engaged in issues of pedagogy and in particular issues of curricular reform. Dr. Sticklen is lead author with one of the few MATLAB textbook that specifically targets freshman learners (Sticklen, J. and T. Eskil (2005). An Introduction to Technical Problem Solving with Matlab v. 7, Great Lakes Press).