Jon Strong


I solve business and enterprise challenges with best-in-class people, process and technology. Whether for M&A / divestiture, transformation, strategy or implementation, I have worked with business leadership to transform IT from a cost center to a strategic resource, and I am honored now to be helping Harvard Business School in these same areas.

I've been a CIO, CTO, consultant and practice leader working with companies from pre-money startups, $20M local to $60B global firms.

I translate business needs into technology and process solutions, whether redesigning an IT organization, releasing a software product or leading a program rescue to save a company billions of dollars.

I love to lead, but recognize that the team's success is paramount.

I work with technologists, C-folks and board members, fluent in both "tech" and "exec".

My credibility comes from hands-on experience at all levels.

I question the status quo, learning from the past, but innovating where appropriate.

If a solution doesn't exist, I can lead it's invention, for example:
- I built a new global financial platform to integrate RCA’s 30 global divisions
- The BI tools I led my team in developing were adopted by GE, later becoming IBM Cognos Finance
- I built an AI-based risk model that led a major bank to discover $100 million in bad debt
- I created a million member online gaming site ranked #1 by Comscore

I have deep experience in a variety of areas, such as Due diligence for M&A and divestiture, Product strategy and delivery, Innovation, Improvement, Transformation, Alignment, Project and Program Management.