Jonathan Townsend


Dr. Townsend has worked in higher education for 20 years in instruction, instructional support, and student services and currently serves as the Director of Faculty Development at California University of Science and Medicine in Colton, California, where he also is an Assistant Professor of Medical Education. He has deep experience building campus centers and programs, including writing centers, a comprehensive academic support center, a technology success center focusing on teaching universal design principles, a disability services learning program, a college stem center, and an online college answer center. His professional and research interests include metacognition, self-regulated learning, empathetic teaching approaches, servant leadership, organizational change, and program review and strategic planning. He is the owner of Townsend Writing Coaching, an academic writing coaching firm where he coaches graduate and postgraduate writers in all areas of study with special focus on the dissertation process. In addition, Dr. Townsend holds a lecturer appointment in the Department of Management and the Information and Decision Sciences Department at California State University and an adjunct professor appointment in the School of Business and Society at the University of Redlands. In his free time, he enjoys bread baking, gardening, and gaming with his family, and all things Scottish.