Jordan Tynes


Jordan Tynes is Director of Academic Fabrication and Digital Design and Visiting Lecturer of Computer Science at Wellesley College. He works across campus to develop interdisciplinary workflows and methodologies for many aspects of the higher education experience. Jordan often uses cutting-edge technologies to enable previously unfound ways of teaching, learning, conducting research, and communicating scholarly efforts. He also supports experimental combinations of well-tested technology, which often results in the formation of new academic collaborations. Jordan has overseen the evolution of a new media center by contributing “maker” technologies, as well as developing an associated internship program for students to learn and support the most recent technology available on campus. His latest research involves new methods for 3D scanning and aerial imagery in support of curricular experiments in VR/AR. Jordan is also excited to be a part of a growing consortium of higher education professionals interested in expanding the “maker mindset” on college campuses.

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