Josette Riep


Josette Riep is the Associate Director for application development in UCIT and holds a degree in business administration with a focus on technology. Josette has worked in the field of Software Development for over 20 years. Josette’s current responsibilities include: Leadership over custom development initiatives spanning education, research, patient care & administration; Equity & Inclusion sponsorship activities, customer relationship management; budget planning and resource allocation; project planning, establishment of methods to share lessons learned; implementation of  best practices among IT@UC developers; hands-on coordination of projects and other strategic initiatives; process improvement to evolve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT@UC operations; team building; revenue generation.

Josette strongly believes that an individual must have a willingness to break through barriers, clear obstacles and pave new paths where needed. Through participation in UC’s Diversity initiatives including the UC Equity & Inclusion Liaison Committee, the IT@UC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program, ShareIT and other initiatives Josette continues to serve a role in ensuring UC creates an environment that does not tolerate but embraces our differences and thus empowers individuals and the organization to excel