Josh Wilson


Joshua Wilson, the Associate CIO for Academic Technology at Brandeis University, leads a 25-person unit that provides a diverse array of community-facing services including research technology, academic technology, media technology, classroom AV, computer help, public computing, and AV services. Previously, he also had responsibility for library public services and outreach. Josh is a member of the the management team for the MISO Survey (, which has been administered at 100 institutions since 2005. Earlier in his time at Brandeis, Josh served as Associate Director for Planning and Assessment in the Office of the CIO and managed strategic projects in the areas of assessment, communication, emergency management, planning, and policy. Prior to his work at Brandeis, he managed an array of IT training programs and technology implementation projects at Tufts University and worked in library technology at Bowdoin College. Josh has been active for many years in communities of practice sponsored by the Boston Consortium for Higher Education, including the Library/IT Communications & Outreach Group and the Project Facilitation Network. Since 2008, Josh has served the Boston Consortium as a Susan Vogt Leadership Coach after participating in the Vogt Leadership program during 2007-2008. He is an experienced instructor, facilitator, and coach.

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