Judy Ayala


At a very young age, Judy discovered an innate interest in people and a desire to take on new challenges that has seen her career span the fields of psychology, human resources, sales and marketing, and technology in education. It was in her most recent work with the Colombian government and other Higher Education institutions across the globe, that she became acutely aware of the difference that education makes in people's lives; not only financially but qualitatively. Since she has worked tirelessly in the corporate hierarchy, as well as with her own company NuEducation, in making education more accessible and engaging thru the creative use of technology. Perpetually riddled by the enigmatic separation of the simply driven from those driven to success, Judy resolved herself to understand the essence of human nature and what gave ordinary people the persistence and conviction to achieve the extraordinary. With an insatiable desire to continue learning and a profound yearning to express in her work and thru her team a winning state to accomplish her main goal of facilitating the transformation of learning experiences and the institutions that offer them.