Julian Allen


Dr. Julian Allen is the Chief Learning Innovations Officer, Assistant Vice President, at Georgia State University, an institution known for its dedication to the success of students from all backgrounds. He leads a team of innovative thought-leaders in the areas of Learning Design, Learning Technology, Learning Communities and Learning Analytics. He is teaching the course Learning Techchology Leadership as a part of the Masters and Ph.D. programs in Learning Technology at Georgia State University.

His current research interests include the performance of students in hybrid classrooms, and equitable learning outcomes of students in both hybrid and online enviroments. His recent research found links between rooms designed to support active learning and positive student engagement.

Julian has presented at the EDUCAUSE annual conference and ELI meetings on topics ranging from the active learning classroom design to strategic partnerships designed to improve faculty success.

Julian has served faculty at the Learning Technology Leadership program within the EDUCAUSE Institute and served as an inaugural member of the EDUCAUSE Leading Academic Transformation Advisory Board. He has also served as a faculty member in the Hawkins Leadership Roundtable.

He is currently serving as a member of the ELI Program Advisory Board. He served as a member of the inaugural CourseGateway Product Advisory Board, and has resumed that role through EDUCAUSE.

Julian earned his PhD in instructional technology from Georgia State University. His previous academic work included earning an MBA with a concentration in marketing, also at Georgia State University, and an undergraduate degree in architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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