Julie Linden


Over the past 15 years at Yale University Library, Julie Linden has developed expertise in building and managing library collections that support emerging as well as established areas of scholarship. Highlights of her recent work include: -Engaging with publishers and vendors of electronic resources to build and strengthen support for the proliferating Digital Humanities activities at Yale. -Managing the library'€™s budget for centrally-funded electronic resources, including several multidisciplinary e-journal and e-book packages. -Providing operational support in the library's ongoing shift from print to online books, delivering analysis and recommendations to senior management. -Collaborating across library departments to analyze usage of licensed electronic collections; major outcomes include 1) fostering a culture of assessment throughout the library; 2) better understanding of usage of specific resources; 3) presenting usage data to help inform collection budget decisions. Julie has presented at national conferences, including the Charleston Conference (2012) and the Association of College & Research Libraries Conference (2015), and at several New England library programs.

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