Kara Stiles


Kara has been teaching adults to become comfortable with various types of software since 2002. She began her career training hotel staff members on hotel property management systems through Pegasus Solutions, and also managed on-site implementations for the PegasusCentral software as lead trainer. After that, Kara spent time teaching attorneys, judges, law clerks, law enforcement agencies and government organizations how to manage their legal research needs with case law, news and public records using LexisNexis software. Since 2006, Kara has provided Sakai training, configuration assistance and implementation consulting to colleges, universities, k-12 schools, non-profits and other private organizations through her relationships with rSmart and Unicon. As an expert in the Sakai CLE (Collaboration and Learning Environment), Kara has been instrumental in the successful implementation of Sakai at more than 40 institutions. Kara insists that creatively configuring Sakai is a fantastic way to get Sakai to behave the way you need it to behave. Kara founded Brutus Partners because she believes that sometimes it is more worthwhile to teach someone to do something, than to do something for them.