Karin Camihort


Karin currently serves as the Dean of Online Learning and Academic Initiatives at Holyoke Community College HCC. Previously, she worked at the Center for Teaching & Faculty Development at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, UMASS-AMHERST (2008-2012), was the Educational Technologist at Springfield College (2005-2008), and the Information Technology Specialist at the Five Colleges, Inc. (1997-2005). Dr. Karin Moyano Camihort heads Online Learning by creating and establishing a unified vision for HCC Online. She leads the growth and scale of HCC's innovative and academically rigorous online learning initiatives. Dr. Moyano Camihort has led research and development efforts that take advantage of emerging technologies to enable programs, faculty, and students to transform teaching and learning. Her area of research includes the exploration of successful pedagogies for instructional technologies and educational innovation. I am currently a member of the Educause Top-Ten IT Issues Panel and the Breakthrough Models Academy.

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