Kathy King


Dr. Kathleen P. King is a senior professor of education in the doctoral program of higher education at University of South Florida (www.usf.edu). Prior to joining USF’s faculty she was at Fordham University for 13 years as a professor of education and university administrator (director of the university’s RETC Center for Professional Development). Dr. King has extensive experience designing distance learning, multi-partner projects, and educational technology integration plans across grades and content levels k-12, adult education, training, higher education, and corporate organizations and settings. Kathy is also CEO of Transformation Education LLC which is a privately help consulting group providing keynote speakers, seminars faculty development and distance education development services, program design, partnerships, and research. Dr. King is recognized for her unique expertise in combining her knowledge of adult education with technology, online learning, digital media and publications for both faculty and staff development, and educational innovations. Kathy has written 19 books, over 175 published research articles and papers and produces many free digital media professional development resources for educators and faculty worldwide. Dr. King is a well-known motivational keynote speaker and presents across the globe. Some of her highly sought speaking topics have included distance learning, coping with change in the 21st century, building collaborative teams, new media in education, adult learning and training, faculty development, transformative learning, and instructional technology. In addition to receiving numerous academic and professional awards in the field of higher education and adult learning, her co-edited book about distance education, Harnessing Innovations Technologies in Higher Education, received both the AERA Outstanding Book Award in 2009 and the Frandson Book Award from the University Continuing Education Association in 2007. Dr. King received the NYACCE Service Award for her Empowering Women through Literacy co-edited book and journal editorship in 2009, and the Lawrence Levin Award from NYACCE in 2006. Currently, Dr. King is editor-in-chief for three Information Age Publishing book series: Higher Education, Adult Education and Emerging Technologies. She is also a member of the executive committee of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) (2002-2004, 2009-2010) and is on the editorial boards of several premiere journals. Leadership and participation in professional associations is a high priority to Dr. King, For example she has been the president of NYACCE (2005-2006), research committee member in the Association of Continuing Higher Education (1998-2004), awards committee for Division I, AERA (2009-2010), and executive committee member for CPAE (2003-2005, 2010-2011). Her major professional associations include AERA, ACHE, ASHE, AAACE, CPAE, ISTE, AJSA, WE LEARN and NSA. Dr. King is a native of Rhode Island, but has lived across the northeast in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well. She lived in the metropolitan New York City area for 13 years just prior to relocating to Tampa to join the USF faculty. Dr. King enjoys coaching faculty and students, writing and all things transformative, multicultural, innovative and techie! She has traveled much nationally and internationally.

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